Come to Sideways and have fun
We will show you how it's done

We play games like 'splat', 'I need the loo', 
'wink murder', 'park bench' and we improvise too!

We all play games and act a part,
With attitude, expression and heart

We laugh, we enjoy, we play and we learn,
We are all equal and take our turn

We have so much fun when we are here
We express ourselves and have no fear

None of us have airs and graces
We jump around whilst pulling faces

We take our time when we are shy,
Then wonder how the lesson flew by

Because we were having so much fun,
all of us, each and everyone

At the end of the lesson we hear the bell ring,
but we know we'll be back exploring new things

There is no time to rest, put your feet up, drink tea
Sideways is the only place to be

'Janine Rocks!'
Simone Tallentire,


'Sideways is brilliant, fantastic, wonderful, marvellous and superb. This Drama Club is life-changing and it will make you feel enormously proud of being a part of Sideways. (also inspirational)'
Joe Connell, 11 

'I think that we have a wicked teacher who makes us very, very, very comfortable'

Saahir Qureshi, 9 


A poem by Olivia Murphy, age 7

"I have always enjoyed every lesson Janine has taught me. She's really nice and teaches as a friend as well as a teacher. The acting ability I have gained from her has really helped me gain confidence and enjoy acting" 
Robyn Dennis, 11