Below are some of the theme's we cover throughout a year of Sideways Classes. Each Term we focus on one or two themes 

* Characters

* Commedia Dell'arte

* Costume & Makeup

* Dance/Movement

* Expressing Emotions

* Getting to know each other

* Hats & Props

* Improvisation

* Masks

* Melodrama

* Mime

* Monologues & Duologues

* Movie Theme

* Musical Theatre

* PHSE Drama

* Physical Theatre

* Puppetry

* Scenes

* Script Work

* Stagecraft / Stage Terminology

* Storytelling & Narration

* Superheros

* Tableaux

* Team Work / Co operation

* Vocal / Singing

* Warm Up

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Mini Sideways Classes provide a wide variety of games and activities to fuel the imagination and allow the children the freedom to be...whatever they want to be! An energetic class full of music, movement and laughter


What Happens in a Sideways Class?



Classes are planned, but don't always go to plan! I try to cater to the children's moods and if they have some excess energy to burn, we'll do something active, or if they are in a quietly creative mood, we'll do something which is more relaxed or reflective. Adapting and adjusting the class as I go, not only ensures the children are always enjoying what they're doing, but helps them to feel they have an ownership over their classes, their time and what they are creating. 

" An amazing place for children to discover hidden talents and learn to grow whilst having the most wonderful time. Run by one of the most caring and inspirational people I've met. "

Sarah, mum of Annabel and Verity

Sideways Drama Classes for ages 7 upwards provide fun games and dynamic activities through which the children learn Drama skills and techniques for performance. Improvisation, physical theatre, dance, character and script work, props, masks and much more! 

‚ÄčEnter ‚Äč
Classes begin with a register and sharing any news we have, which encourages the children to begin talking comfortably in front of others, as we get to know one another. After this, we get up and get moving with a warm up - which is usually movement or danced based, along with a physical game to wake up and energize our bodies and some funny vocal exercises to get our voices working. I then lead the children in games and activities based on the terms themes, which to begin with will be getting to know one another, gaining trust and having some fun exploring and playing with Drama. Later in the term we will move on to enjoy learning new techniques and skills, in activities related to themes such as dance, movement and mime, imagination, improvisation and voice and dialogue. Classes end with a quick cool down (unless we've got carried away with our activity!) and then time to go home.