Inspire, Imagine, Ignite!


" Doing Drama with Janine has really inspired me and encouraged me to act and be me. I've loved every part and I think you will too. I love everything we do, especially mini scenes and dance routines. Everything we do let's me be myself. "

Daisy Willcock, 11 years old


Inspire, imagine, ignite - that's what we aim to do!

Sideways supports each individual and all of the unique strengths and qualities they have - every imaginative idea that spills from their ever-growing creativity, all the vibrant enthusiasm that flows from their boundless energy! Sideways gives children and young people the opportunity to enjoy Drama in a supportive, free-spirited environment where they can learn and develop new skills ... encouraging their creativity to show, grow and flourish!

"In Janine's class I can express myself and not feel self conscious and i'm surrounded by my friends who love to be part of a group "

Emily Murphy, 9 years old

Sideways celebrates the uniqueness of each child through nurturing and stimulating the growth of their imagination. A child's involvement and enjoyment of Drama helps to expand their learning and development, as they explore and express a range of emotions and immerse themselves in imaginary worlds, different time periods, cultures and characters. Sideways' wide variety of lively games and activities fuel the imagination and allow children the freedom to be...whatever they want to be!

Sideways actively encourages children to express themselves and their ideas by inspiring creativity. Drama can open children up to embracing new experiences and possibilities and Sideways supports this personal growth. Helping each child to learn how to trust in their abilities, express themselves more effectively and feel confident to share and present their ideas. Through working with others and making new friendships, your child can improve their social skills and develop important qualities such as compassion and empathy, as well as gaining a better understanding of themselves, the world and their place in it.

Self esteem is at the very heart of Sideways and full support and encouragement is given to all children, including those who may feel shy or reluctant, despite having an interest in Drama. You don't have to be bursting with confidence to come to Sideways. It's a place where children can experience Drama and performance, perhaps for the first time, in a place where they can feel comfortable engaging in activities with others and building confidence as they enjoy. With Sideways your child can learn to develop an openness and new sense of self worth that will truly allow them to shine!

The Sideways Ethos

 " My daughter has been attending Sideways for a couple of years now and she absolutely loves it. She comes home buzzing every Monday afternoon. Her confidence has increased tremendously and she is no longer the sky child in the corner. Thank you Janine for all your hard work and dedication to our children! "

Tina, mum of Matilda